“Son,you were the best gift God gave to me, I love you with all my heart, spirit and soul” the grieving mother Eucharia Anuobi tells late son

“ Son,Thank you for making the world call me mother,”

 “ Son,Thank you for making the world call me mother, thank you for making people know about Jesus, thank you. God bless you. I know you are gone am totally broken but I

rejoice because you loved Jesus with all your body and soul” further said Eucharia Anunobi. These are the wonderful last words of actress and pastor Eucharia Anuobi to her late son before he was laid to rest.

You remember how we started with Eucharia Anuobi,the Nollywood goddess and turned pastor whose son died of sickle anemia ? If only actress Eucharia Anuobi had considered the future of her children, knowing that she is a sickle cell carrier ‘of AS’ and avoid to marry a man of the same blood group,her son wouldn’t have died of sickle cell anemia.
Of what joy is it to any mother to give birth to a child and watch that child suffer severe pains and agony? Of what sense does it make to know that you will have something,a treasure which gives happiness but will soon lose it? That is what anyone wanting to marry someone,whose circumstances or conditions would lead her to nowhere at the end of the day.
Yes,every mother of a sickle cell child knows that she would definitely be a mother because she would give birth to a child,but she is not any sure that that same child will survive death. The son of Eucharia Anuobi surely made his mother a mother and the whole world knows that yes,Eucharia is a mother. But now the child is gone,what still becomes of her?
The attribute of Eucharia is quite touching no doubt,but it is not not as touching and heartbreaking as it is to her. The pains Eucharia Anuobi feels at the lost of her son to sickle cell anemia is one that no one can share.Only Eucharia,really knows the cost of the pains,and the cost of her tears.
Yes,in tears,in pains,she says: “You were the best gift God gave to me, I love you with all my heart, spirit and soul”. Am sure if she will marry again,she won’t make the same mistake in marriage that will jeopardize the life and future of her children. She,am also sure would not advise any person to make the same mistake!
Dear lovers,boyfriends and girlfriends, do not love with your eyes closed! Love is not all about the touch you feel,but what you get soon after you say ”Yes I do”.
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